About Sales, SEO & Social Media

We Breathe Life into the marketing campaigns of small and medium enterprises.

What We Do

Sales, SEO and Social Media is a company that helps businesses coordinate the efforts of their sales and marketing teams in order to generate more leads and increase sales. We provide a mix of inbound and outbound sales and marketing strategies so that our clients can achieve their KPIs, targets, and sales goals easily.

What is the Value to you?

We provide you with the perfect combination to connect with clients and create a lasting relationship. Making it easy for your clients to find you and relate with you online.

The exact strategies ensure full connection with clients because the number 1 thing you need to do is then engage with potential clients, to make them think “Wow I need more of this.” You want them to have that emotional connection with you, where they feel compelled to know more. And if you do it right and hit the nail on the head, they commit there and then with you. That’s when you know we are doing a fantastic job – and that’s where the mastery of what we do comes into play.

We understand the power of effective selling. We can get inside the mind of your potential customers, and help you design the right marketing strategies around your products and services that appeal to their needs.

Sales, SEO & Social Media - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Our Expertise and Experience

We have over 25+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing, and we know what it takes to design marketing strategies around your products and services that appeal to potential customers. Our team can help micro-businesses through tier one organisations develop online marketing and sales strategies that are not only cost-efficient, but more effective at attracting buyers.

We Understand the Challenges Facing your Business

We understand the challenges facing your business because we’ve been there ourselves.

Most business owners we know are either:

• Flat out running the business and have no time for marketing

• Don’t know where to start with an online strategy

• Don’t know what strategies will bring them the best ROI

• Not sure where to find their target audience

• Don’t know how to choose a good agency from a bad one

That’s why we offer a range of services to help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals. Whether you need a website created from scratch, SEO services to get you to the top of Google, lead generation to keep your pipeline consistent or social media management to keep your accounts active and engaging, we have a package that’s perfect for you. Plus, our team is made up of experienced professionals who are committed to delivering quality work that will help your business succeed. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us show you how we can help!

Sales, SEO & Social Media - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

The 3 key areas you need to focus on for mastery are:

• Creativity

• Consistency

• Expertise

The calibre of your business deserves quality content that is provided for you, done by an expert team to call upon that has first class experience and results and then it is published and scheduled for you. So you know that when anything is published online for you it is done so with the utmost quality. That is our promise to you.

The shift to a combined Inbound & Outbound Focus

Marketing efforts have steadily shifted from old traditional methods towards an online focus. In line with this shift, marketing dollars are increasingly being spent on attracting inbound traffic through strategies such as SEO, social and email marketing. While outbound strategies have more of a direct approach through targeted emails for more of those bums on seats appointments.

Creating a mix of inbound and outbound is a good balance of marketing and sales activity to generate a consistent amount of leads per month for a company.

• While ROI tops marketing challenges, the #1 marketing priority is lead generation (24%) followed by lead conversion (21%).

• Most buyers are 57%-70% through their buying research before making the first contact with the seller

• Inbound marketing costs 61% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing.

These new emergent strategies make it difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to train internal staff on how to master these techniques while keeping up with the rapid changes that occur on a regular basis. Having an agency to do this for you means:

• You are always up to date in a rapidly changing environment

• You have the skills of a Senior Marketing hire at the cost of a junior

• You have a whole marketing team working for you which significantly reduces a lot of those hidden marketing costs.

• You have a consistent amount of leads coming in every month.

Here’s how we can help

By using our in-depth knowledge of current marketing trends, will work with you to develop a marketing strategy that provides the following core elements:

1. Generating traffic to your website using SEO, blogging and social media sharing

2. Developing the premium content needed to attract site visitors’ interest and convert potential Clients

3. Constructing targeted lead-nurturing campaigns

Unlock the 6 Steps to Marketing Excellence

Sales, SEO & Social Media - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney
Sales, SEO & Social Media - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Kaylene Grieve – Managing Director

Kaylene is a Sales, SEO and Social Media Strategist for small and medium enterprises. With over twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing, she has perfected the art of solution-based selling as a powerful tool towards achieving an effective sales strategy. She possesses a wide range of knowledge on the business requirements of different organisations, and more importantly, their markets.

So what are you waiting for? Need online sales and marketing services? Contact us today!