Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of marketing and it will be changing the way we look at marketing forever. With AR, you will be able to see 3D images as well as video’s right off your print media as a new way to promote your products and services to all your existing and potential customers.

How Augmented Reality Works

AR is the most adaptable media technology ever designed. It has proven its usefulness time and again for both small and large companies. No matter the medium that your company is using, the world can see and feel your brand from anywhere.

AR off print media works a little bit like QR codes, except better.

It applies a layer of digital content over printed material to literally bring print to life, providing recipients with a far more engaging and interactive experience.

The smARt app extends the use of a mobile device’s camera to recognise items within printed material, known as markers that are linked to rich interactive media such as video and 3D models.

Results Matter

What this means is you can bring your printed material to life. Merging digital with print makes all of your marketing material interactive and far more engaging. And we all know what that means! More engagement equals better results.

It also means that now you can get a better idea on how effective your print material is because you can measure the digital components as well as the call to action responses.

How Clients are using AR

Clients are using the following printable items and embedding AR into it.

  • Brochures
  • Proposals and business documents
  • Flyers and letter box drops
  • Labels on products
  • Posters
  • Books & Magazines
  • Event & Tradeshow Stands
  • Product tags & even wine bottles!

What could you embed AR into to Wow your clients?


How companies are using AR

Companies are using AR to:

  • Build better brands
  • Create more engagement with their audiences
  • Lead Generation
  • Boost sales
  • Showcase the latest product information
  • Provide customer how to’s and support documentation in product labels and tags

So now you know what AR can do, are you ready to experience the results first hand in your marketing?

Discover how you can use AR in your business today!

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