B2B Lead Generation Tactics For Sales Qualified Leads

Are you and your sales team currently facing challenges with your B2B lead generation? Perhaps you are struggling with an inconsistent pipeline? It’s possible that your sales team are constantly having issues knowing who to talk to. You don’t want to spend hours attempting to build leads where there is absolutely no hope of forming a relationship.

At the same time, your sales team needs to be able to understand where the target audience is. What social networks are they using, where can they be found online? If the source of leads cannot be discovered, it will be impossible to build up a large number of successful leads in a B2B model.

While these are a variety of tactics you can consider to improve the consistency of your lead generation pipeline, one option would be automated processes. With automated processes, you can greatly improve the efficiency and success rates when seeking out and building leads. You can also ensure that time is not wasted in the wrong areas and boost the power of your sales model.

Let’s explore how this works and why it could be the right option for you.

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Automated B2B Lead Generation Explained

When you starting using automated software for B2B lead generation, you will open up a whole new world of possibilities as you pursue leads on social media like LinkedIn. The software will automatically view your LinkedIn prospect profiles. It can endorse their skills, follow any activity and automatically send messages from you. These will be fully personalised to match individual leads and ensure that they do feel connected to your company. It is essentially an automated option for building a conversation and that’s just the beginning.

The same software can then be used to send automated messages to first, second and third connections. The best part is that you’re only going to be spending time on immediately recognised and targeted prospects which are responsive.

You can go further than this too, interacting and engaging in different ways. By leaving notes and tags you can ensure that profiles are both searchable and actionable. You can basically transform something like LinkedIn into a full lead management system. 


There are countless benefits to using this type of automated software for B2B lead generation. It will help ensure that sales teams are provided high quality leads that they can then follow up on. Keeping your pipeline consistent and ensures a higher level of success. Using tools like this, you can make sure that every member of your sales team is hitting their targets each and every month.

It streamlines the lead generation process too and does operate within the ‘fair use’ limits of networks like LinkedIn.

We hope you see now why automated processes can increase levels of B2B lead generation with your sales team and how this level of consistency continuously increases pipelines.

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Sales, SEO & Social Media - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

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