Outsource digital marketing – is it cheating?

When you run a business, it can be tempting to try and do everything yourself, or keep whatever you can in-house. In theory, this saves you money and lets the control remain firmly within your hands. But in reality, is it the best us of your time? You run the risk of...

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The best online marketing tools to grow your business

The first step in any online marketing campaign always is to analyse your current website situation. You need to look at your website from a marketing perspective to find out how many visitors come to your site, what sources they use to find your site and what devices...

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SEO & your next Website Design Audit

SEO is a hot topic at the moment and the scramble to get to the top of the results pages is getting tougher by the minute. If you’re thinking of giving your website an update anytime soon, it’s important to remember your SEO and include it in your planning. Working...

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The link between Google Analytics and SEO

Having a Google Analytics account linked to your website is important for SEO and allows you to see all sorts of information about your website. Once you add tracking to your website and make sure your site is unblocked so the search engines can see it, you only need...

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The Best way to do SEO Keyword Research

SEO keyword research is one of the most important and fundamental tasks to carry out when it comes to optimising your website for search engines. If you’ve never done it before, it can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not that hard once you know how! Here’s...

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How to do a Website SEO Audit

When you’re doing a website update or redesign, it’s vital that you think about SEO for your new website. If you don’t, it’s like getting your car detailed and polished but not bothering to have the engine serviced. It might look shiny and new, but before long you’ll...

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How to SEO a website: 8 important points to remember

Every website will need an update at some stage. It might be a new look, a new theme or a complete rebrand. Whilst visuals, layout and design are important, often they are the only things that are considered. One of the biggest mistakes in a website refresh is to...

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The easy way to plan your digital marketing campaign

Every digital marketing campaign has to start with an idea (and if you’re stuck for ideas, read our blog “What to offer in an online marketing campaign” ). The best way to come up with an irresistible offer is to think about your clients’ “pain points”. What is it...

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What can you offer in an online marketing campaign?

The term “online marketing campaign” is probably one you’ve heard plenty of times. But do you know what it actually means? An online marketing campaign is the process of offering something of value in return for some contact details. It’s designed to promote your...

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