Campaign Development

Planning, creating and managing an online campaign can be a daunting task, and one that often gets added to the ‘too-hard basket’. From writing and editing the copy, to design, marketing and measuring performance, there’s a lot to plan and do. Having the right tools in place can make creating your online campaign easy and successful.

One of the biggest challenges for any business/website is keeping the attention of visitors in a distracted online world. In a study focused primarily on major media companies, Chartbeat found that 55% of visitors spent less than 15 seconds actively on a website page. This short time period illustrates the brief window available to gain attention. It is possible, through the right Marketing Campaign Development to maximise the attention you receive, providing better opportunities to secure new leads and make sales.

Elements of Successful Campaign Development

Step 1: Planning your campaign

Every campaign starts with an idea. Ideas for online marketing campaigns can come from a variety of sources. Sometimes you’ll have something in particular that you want to promote, and other times your research will lead you to a topic. A great place to start is to think about your ideal client and the problems they face (i.e. why they might contact you for help). Can you create an opt-in campaign that will help them to solve those problems?


Begin by defining your services or products. What are you selling? Identifying the right products to promote will help you to promote them better.


Working out the goals and objectives will help you set measures around the results you want to achieve. These figures can also help you determine the cost of the campaign based on target audience sizes vs goal objectives.

Planning is crucial to getting your campaign just right and creating an offer that your customers will be delighted with.

Step 2: Creating your campaign

Once you’ve got a workable plan in place, you can start production. This is where we work out the structure of your campaign. If you’re doing an e-book, we work out what content you need and organise your information.

Create Actionable Content

Plenty of quality content gets lost online because it is not presented effectively. The best content has practical value that readers can act on or learn from as part of their buyer’s journey. Readers become more engaged when they can start to imagine how they could use your products and services with content that answers their questions and pain points.

Focus on Emotion

If you can introduce emotion into your marketing, consumers will be more likely to give you their attention and remember your message. It won’t always be appropriate to use emotion, but it is worth looking for opportunities to generate a reaction.

Step 3: Promoting your campaign

If you’ve planned well and created an irresistible offer, then launching and promoting your campaign will be fun and exciting!


Have you asked yourself how you will reach your clients? This is often a tough question even for already established brick and mortar stores. There are several mediums you that you can use to attract clients. Knowing which ones will bring you the most success is where we step in.

Your products won’t sell themselves, and that’s why promotion is important for the success of your business. We will step you through and set up the right mediums to use for promotion that will bring you the best return.

Step 4: Measuring your campaign success

Once your campaign has been launched, you might be tempted to think that’s it! Tracking and monitoring is critical to your campaigns success.

Once you know how your campaign is tracking, you’ll be able to see which sources are sending you the most amount of traffic, leads and new business. Enabling you to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Turning new leads into customers is the name of the game. Let us help you create the right online marketing campaign for your business.