How to Choose a Marketing Agency

What an Agency Should be Asking YOU

So last blog post we looked at the benefits employing an agency to manage your inbound marketing campaigns, so what’s the next step?

Making a decision about how to choose a Marketing Agency.  So how do you choose a marketing agency?

Marketing Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, with different specialities and talents. Yet there are core values and skill sets that will make some better suited to your company than others.

You know your business better than anyone. You know the messaging, the branding and the personality of your company, so it’s good to find an agency that clicks with that.

So you’ll have to start by going through a selection process.

The sales process of a good inbound agency will start with your goals and challenges, and dovetail into how they can help you.  They need to understand that they must provide solutions to your business challenges.

This isn’t about them. This is about you. So listen up when you have your first catch-up or meeting. Are these the questions they are asking you?

  • How are you measuring the success of your marketing?
  • What metrics and benchmarks are most important to you?
  • What does the size and makeup of your internal team look like?
  • What results do you need to achieve and by when?
  • What are you doing now to reach potential clients?
  • Are you on track for reaching those results?
  • What will you do / what will happen if you don’t reach potential clients?
  • What challenges might keep you from reaching those goals or getting the resources you need?

So you can see that if they are not asking you the right types of questions, a good question to ask yourself is “whose best interests are being looked after here?” A good Agency will want to know as much as possible about your business before they start telling you about theirs!

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Kaylene Grieve

Kaylene Grieve is the Managing Director of Sales, SEO and Social Media, (SSSM) a marketing services agency based in Sydney Australia. With over 25+ years in Sales and 10+ years of marketing experience SSSM has helped numerous companies achieve tremendous results in sales and marketing. Knowing the right volumes and using a blend of inbound and outbound strategies always delivers sales and marketing qualified leads to a business with consistency.


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