Creating an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

The constant popularity of email marketing can be attributed to its cost effectiveness. Email marketing can cover many different aspects of communication for an organisation:

  • Newsletters
  • Product Launches/Promotions
  • Industry News
  • Interesting Facts, Figures & Stats
  • Company & Client News
  • Outbound Marketing Approaches

When working with Clients we adopt these simple guidelines to establish the ideal email marketing strategy for you.

Email Template Design

Using a simple and easy to read template for clients gets the best results for your marketing strategy. Setting up an email template that reflects your brand is included for clients and you have can various templates set up for your different types of emails.

Create Simple Email Forms & Call to Action Buttons

When creating an email marketing strategy, acquisition of customer contacts is a great step. Your call to action should be clear and straightforward. By adding forms and call to action buttons to emails is an effective way of providing you with great leads for potential clients.

Consider Mobile Users

Most potential customers these days will probably use their mobile devices to read your material. We ensure that your email templates are compatible with mobile platforms so that they always look great regardless of the device they are being viewed from.

Personalisation in Emails

Personalising emails has a very positive effect in getting people’s attention and improving open rates. You can personalise emails with different elements about your client, such as their name, company or location, etc. if you have the details.

Client interests in your products and services will be different, and their browsing behaviours can tell you exactly what they want. You can use this information to create a personalised message for your customers, depending on the automation platforms you have in place and their buyer behaviour. (Or we can set them up for you.)

Keep the Content Relevant

Creating new content for clients is something we provide each month. Making sure the content of your emails is relevant and interesting for current and potential customers is one of our many strengths.

Sequencing and Workflows

Helping clients set up email sequences as part of their marketing automation ensures that their clients are getting the right information at the right time. You can set up workflows or sequences for many different scenarios like:

  • Automation responses to content downloads
  • Trigger responses if a client looks at certain pages on your website (this is dependent on your automation tools)
  • Generate Marketing & Sales Qualified leads for the business
  • Add & Upsell to clients once they have made a purchase
  • Optimising your sales process

Effective emailing strategies are a small piece of the larger marketing pie. Speak with us today about how we can develop the right online marketing strategy for your business.