Gaming Youtubers

Gaming Youtubers

As an aspiring gaming streamer, you surely want to grow in popularity and expand your audience. One of the ways you can do that is through sponsorship. At Clout Boost, we have helped many gaming YouTubers find the sponsorship they need. You will not only increase your income but also become a noteworthy influencer in your community.

How much do gaming YouTubers make?

To put things into perspective, the popular PewDiePie made $12M last year. His substantial subscription base allows him to live a carefree life while doing what he loves. With our help, you can start building up your audience to follow in his footsteps. One of the advantages you get by striking a deal with us is the significant growth of your channel.

We will search through our databases and only recommend those games that are suitable for your channel’s predilections. You will continue doing exactly the same thing, in the same way, with the small difference that you’re making more money in the process. Your personality and gaming style is what the global gaming brands are looking for, and that’s the reason your audience loves you. Therefore, we won’t force you to change your style.

How to grow your subscription base

This is the number one question many gaming YouTubers and streamers have been asking themselves lately. If you want to make a business out of streaming games, then the answer you’re looking for lies in sponsorship. Get a famous gaming brand to sponsor your channel, and it will set you for life.

But how do you do that without popularity? Our company provides the solution – we represent your best interests in striking a deal with gaming brands out there.  In essence, we sift through countless companies and brands to find you the perfect product for your channel.

Get business experience through sponsorship

By agreeing to sponsor a particular game on your channel, you not only increase your income exponentially but also become versed in business. You will come to understand the gaming industry better and gain professional experience while you’re at it. With our help, you will grow your channel’s subscription base by catering to a broader portion of it.

Many of the game brands you’ll represent will achieve greater success, and you’ll be reaping some of the profits. By talking and playing about new games, it’s impossible not to attract more and more people to your channel. You’ll become a real influencer and a trendsetter in the gaming industry.

How do I find a sponsor?

With our help, you don’t have to do the groundwork anymore. We will analyze your channel’s profile and subscription base, and find you a suitable gaming sponsor. In turn, you will promote their products, grow your audience, and get more money as well. Check our website and see what gaming YouTubers we’ve helped in this way.

With Clout Boost, you have the potential to become a renowned gaming influencer with a substantial income. The world of sponsorship lies at your feet, and we ask you to let us guide you through this journey.