How To Optimise the Experience Section on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an amazing opportunity for you to promote your business. It is a great avenue to market your business in so many different ways.

If you’re going to be using lead generation on LinkedIn, one of the things you want to make sure you do first is optimise your profile. A good place to start is with the experience section.

What is the experience section on LinkedIn?

This is the section where you highlight your skill set and your experience with various companies that you’ve worked with over the course of your career. It gives you the opportunity to boost the amount of space you can use with the volume of content you have. With up to two thousand characters, it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to your audience why people should work with you or your company. Optimising this section with search friendly keywords is also a good way to promote your visibility online.

Filling Out the experience and summary description

Within the experience section, is the summary description. By adding content to this section, make sure to use keywords that talk to humans first, then to bots. This helps search engines find you online easier. Remember to use keywords that are likely to be used to search for your products and services. Try to populate the description with words that are relevant to what people are searching for.  And try wording the experience section with the following considerations in mind:

  1. What are the pain points you help clients solve?
  2. What are the ways that you help clients overcome challenges and pain points?
  3. Who are the clients that you’re working with? (Or the types of clients or industries you work in if you can’t list your clients publicly)
  4. What products and services can you list out in your experience summary?


There are many areas on your Profile that you can optimise to be more search friendly. This is just one area; we cover off the other areas in blogs that follow.

Optimising your LinkedIn profile using the experience section with keywords increases your visibility online. It’s like handing a correctly addressed package to the mailman, if they know where to take it, it is likely to be delivered.  Same with search friendly keywords. If search engines can see what the page is about, then they are likely to deliver it to people who are looking for your products and services.

Follow the above steps and give your professional social profile an upgrade! Or if you need a hand writing up your profile or lead generation, then reach out to our friendly team here.

Kaylene Grieve

Kaylene Grieve is the Managing Director of Sales, SEO and Social Media, (SSSM) a marketing services agency based in Sydney Australia. With over 25+ years in Sales and 10+ years of marketing experience SSSM has helped numerous companies achieve tremendous results in sales and marketing. Knowing the right volumes and using a blend of inbound and outbound strategies always delivers sales and marketing qualified leads to a business with consistency.


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