HubSpot Marketing Automation

Automation in sales and marketing is becoming more and more popular as the way we do business continues to change at a rapid rate. Helping sales teams and supporting their sales process through marketing automation can really speed up the relationship building process, help sales teams find the right clients to talk to and keeps sales people with a constant supply of leads to build their pipeline with.

HubSpot is a company that strives to deliver effective marketing techniques and tools to their customers by using the newest technology. By using HubSpot’s marketing automation platform, companies can increase sales and extend their reach to their target audience.

Being a HubSpot Partner means we can manage the software for clients as part of the marketing services we provide which means you can sit back and relax and just watch the show.

HubSpot software can generate more leads and make the process of staying in touch with potential customers easier than ever.  These tools were developed by marketers with special insight in the field. They have combined their experiences to create technology that makes generating sales easier and in greater volume.

Marketing Automation at its best

HubSpot’s all in one marketing software can automate processes and optimise marketing performance. It can also track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign to help fine-tune your company’s strategy. While automating many stages of the marketing strategy the HubSpot software allows you to automatically queue emails that provide relevant information to your leads. The interaction that the potential customer has with the email will trigger the appropriate follow-up email to create a connection and give them just the right amount of information to gain interest in your product or service.

Convenience and Control

An old adage in sales is that it takes 5-12 touch points with a potential new client before you start to build trust and they may become interested in your products or services. By using HubSpot marketing automation, you can take control of your interactions with leads and customers making the connection process a lot easier.

HubSpot also gives you the convenience of easily creating landing pages that are professional and user-friendly. Contacts within the HubSpot CRM help you keep track of every interaction and transaction your company has with a customer. You will be able to see how your current approach is affecting the bottom line with the information that is generated. Staying informed about what your clients are interacting with brings marketing effectiveness and progress has never been easier. You can even customise your own web page without the need for IT help. It is easy to use and looks completely professional.

Publishing on social, managing your SEO, scheduling your blogs, integrating your forms and call to action buttons has never been as easy as how HubSpot makes it. Integration with your website means you can connect a powerful marketing automation tool and CRM right into the back of your website.

Using an all-in-one marketing solution creates a more effective marketing campaign, and increases the likelihood that leads can turn into customers. Taking advantage of all the tools that HubSpot has to offer will create growth, and outline progress toward company goals.

Find out how you can get the competitive edge with your lead generation and marketing activities by using HubSpot today. Speak with one of our team members who can show you how it all works.