HubSpot Sales Automation

In today’s fast-paced business world sales teams need smart CRM and marketing automation tools to manage their pipelines and lead opportunities.

HubSpot is a company that is dedicated to increasing your marketing efforts and creating more streamlined interactions with leads and customers. They provide tools and technology that make all aspects of your marketing and sales efforts more streamlined and efficient.

HubSpot Sales Automation

HubSpot has tools and software that create the ideal experience for your customers and your sales team.

Having all of your contact information in the one place that also shows you what your clients are interacting with on your website and marketing collateral can give your sales team so much information about what stage the client is at in the buying cycle.

Here are some of the Sales Tools that help Sales Teams hit their targets

  • You no longer have to struggle with sales call prioritisation. You can organise and prioritise daily sales call with information provided by the CRM. You can even place calls from your browser without even having to use your phone. Every call is automatically logged in the Hubspot CRM. You can be more efficient with your time management without having to manually accomplish these tasks.
  • Leads can schedule meetings directly from your email. They have access you a calendar that has your available time slots so that they can choose a time that works for both parties. This technology is also compatible with HubSpot CRM, Office 365, and Google Calendar.
  • Creating email templates allows your team to find and upload your most commonly used or effective emails easily in your inbox. This means that sales teams can respond to client enquiries faster and more efficiently. Email scheduling allows you to send emails to prospective customers when you know they will be able to take the time to read them.
  • HubSpot’s software can show you which companies have visited your site and what exactly they were doing during their visit. Having this information can help you fine-tune your pitch according to their interest and needs.
  • Leads are qualified by your own personal company criteria and are then sent directly to sales without having to perform the process manually.
  • HubSpot CRM manages your pipeline accurately and keeps everything organized. This frees your team to focus their attention on getting sales. It also means Sales Managers can see at a glance what activity is occurring for each new potential customer and at what deal stage the new client is at. Making forecasting a breeze.

Develop a sales and marketing strategy that helps your company interact more effectively with leads and customers by using HubSpot sales automation. Let the software and tools do the work so your team can focus on other important aspects of your business. Like making more sales.

Set up the right sales tools and processes for your sales team by speaking with us today. You’re only a click away from your next lead.