LinkedIn Managed Service

LinkedIn Automation Tools to build a strong pipeline

LinkedIn has become an important tool for B2B lead generation in recent years, outperforming other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for marketers. But in spite of its popularity, many businesses are still not using LinkedIn to its full potential as a tool for lead generation.

To successfully generate leads through LinkedIn, you need to target the right prospects, reach out to them with a personalised message and follow up consistently. You also need to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn, which means regularly posting content and commenting on other peoples’ posts. All this takes time and a solid understanding of how LinkedIn works. 

If you’d love to get more leads to your business through LinkedIn but your sales team don’t have endless hours to spend sending out connection requests and messaging people, we can help. Our LinkedIn Managed Service takes care of everything from profile set up and optimisation through to targeting leads and building your network. We do the work; you get a steady stream of quality leads into your inbox.

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Get off to the right start 

A professional, well-optimised profile is essential if you want to make a good first impression and be found on LinkedIn. We’ll start with a profile audit and review including SEO optimisation to help you really stand out from your competitors and show up in relevant searches.

Next, we’ll work with you to develop scripts and lists of people to target so you know who we’re going to reach out to and what we’re going to say.

Keep the leads flowing in

Our monthly service takes care of all your LinkedIn lead generation tasks, including:

Connection requests

80 per day sent to targeted prospects and people who have viewed your profile (20-25% accept rate).

Thank yous and follow ups

Start building relationships with your new connections with thank you messages and follow up emails (approx. 100-150 per week).

Free InMails

Sent to targeted prospects whose accounts are configured to receive these types of InMails (40 per day).

No contact list

Daily updated contact lists of those people you don’t want to message any further.

Managing the LinkedIn Automation Tools from start to finish! 

 You’ll get a regular stream of new connections and a minimum of two to four new leads each week.

Looking for more?

If you’re keen to add a little more grunt to your LinkedIn marketing, we also offer:

  • Social posts and status updates. Regular post content and scheduling including images.
  • Audience Only – some people just want a bigger network. This process helps you grow your network on LinkedIn. Not only that all of your content that you post is then hitting your target audiences newsfeed! More eyeballs on your posts means more opportunities.
  • Reporting and follow up. Help your sales team by adding leads to your CRM and getting a monthly report on the leads provided.
Sales, SEO & Social Media - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

If you’re tired of trying to manage your own LinkedIn and not getting the results you want, get in touch! We have the time and expertise to transform your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation machine.

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