Why Marketing Automation Works

Marketing automation is software that enables businesses to automate their sales and marketing processes. This helps to close more deals, generate more leads, and measure marketing success in a more effective manner. Rolling out such a strategic move helps your sales teams to work more cohesively in a bid to meet your targets.

Through automation, you can easily prioritise your leads and nurture them into a sales-ready state. This way, you can track the success of your marketing campaigns more effectively. Small businesses in particular, stand to benefit from automation since it is the simplest way of undertaking all critical marketing processes. Automation gives you the necessary tools for streamlining workflows and tasks within your organisation. The following are reasons why marketing automation works.

Shortens Your Sales Cycle

Automation provides you with ample opportunity to foster your relationship with clients with the objective of closing deals early. This helps to eliminate the gap that often exists between the expression of interest in your firm’s services and products, and the decision to buy. Research indicates that automation can boost your sales cycle by up to 75%. This highlights why you need to make it your foremost priority.

Improves Customer Relations

Your cross-selling and upselling opportunities are likely to improve when you automate your marketing processes. In this regard, you should constructively use existing client data to initiate behavioural triggers. This will go a long way in boosting upselling and cross-selling among existing clients. A significant portion of new business sales can come from automation.

Money and Time Savings

Marketing automation procedures help you stay in touch with hundreds of your business contacts in a cost-friendly and easily manageable manner. There are numerous cloud-based automation platforms that give you the opportunity to manage your marketing efforts remotely. Besides this, the existence of marketing agencies means you can always seek advice pertaining to the best automation solution that meets your needs.

Streamlines Workloads

Automation goes a long way in reducing the chances of human error since it allows you to focus on key issues rather than trivial matters. It also enables you to transform your marketing model into an action plan, which can be executed automatically. Having an agency manage this for you, means you get all the results without the responsibility.

Being a HubSpot Partner means we can manage your marketing services more effectively using the right automation tools. The HubSpot Marketing Automation platform is an all-encompassing sales and marketing tool that helps you keep track of leads, organise your sales team, and automate your marketing all in one area whilst having complete visibility.

Some of our clients are not using HubSpot and we can help you with a wide range of other tools that suit your circumstances and budget from an automation perspective.

Find out how marketing automation can improve your sales cycle, customer relations, save you time and money while stream lining your workload.