Presentation Slide Decks

The quality of your presentation decks will determine whether your potential clients decide to buy from you or your competitor. How can you make sure that your clients are staying in the “Yes” zone when they are considering working with you?

Having compelling presentation material can make your job a lot easier when it comes to showing your company expertise. However, most organisations aren’t aware that their slide decks are seldom compelling to encourage clients to make a purchase. Ensure that you put your best foot forward with each presentation. Having a professional presentation that includes your key sales messages and solution elements will not only help you build your case but also close the deal.

Structuring Your Sales Strategy Presentation Slide Decks

Here are some of the key elements we build into your presentation decks:

An Agenda

Begin by arranging the primary goals of the meeting and explain the reason for your presentation.


Main Findings

Before creating the presentation, you should have conducted a comprehensive research on the market and company data, or any other important information that you may have gathered when communicating with prospects.


Although you may be tempted to put this part at the end of your presentation, it’s recommended that you inform your client on their potential ROI as early as possible and provide factual information on what they stand to gain.


After your client is hooked to the returns, they stand to gain, proceed to explore the plans you have to achieve the goals.


Remember that you need to show your clients that you are accountable. Therefore, inform your audience how you will measure your success.


Do you have a timeline? What are some of your checkpoints to ensure that you and your sales team meet your objective on time?


Your results are based on some assumptions. Therefore, ensure that you clearly explain the assumptions used in calculating the ROI.



To conclude your sales strategy presentation slide deck, provide more proof to support your case.

Now more than ever your sales collateral including your pitch deck should reflect on your brand. Lucky for you, we provide a presentation tool that can help you achieve your goals.

How our Marketing Team creates a Powerful Presentation

Slide 1 – Cover Page – Business Logo and Positioning Statement

Slide 2-4 – What are your client’s current challenges?

Slide 5 – What is your value model and what value does your business bring to a potential new client?

Slide 6-8 – What are the most common objections that your clients might have?

Slide 9-12 – Explain your business models on how you help clients and go through your solution

Slide 13-16 – Do you have any case studies to share? Videos and Testimonials?

Slide 17 – Does your company offer a guarantee?


Keep your clients in the Yes zone with your presentation slide decks. Get your slide decks professionally prepared today.