Parrot Digital Email Software

What is Parrot Digital?

Parrot Digital is an email platform that designs targeted, branded email signatures and banners for your company to deliver to its clients on your existing email platform. Powered by Rocketseed, you can send out information about your company, products and services, as well as sales material in your everyday email that is attractive and relevant to your customers. 

Your everyday email just became your biggest marketing tool.


Email Banners

Email banners allow for your brand to stand out and be recognised consistently by all your customers. Creating different banners for each of the departments in your business means you can let your clients and prospects know more about what your business does and how you can help them.

For example; Your Sales Team could have their own set of email banners showcasing why your next customer should work with your company, while existing customers might see a different set that highlights the product and services you deliver that they might not know about. Your helpdesk or support centre can have a different range of banner options letting clients know about different ways to contact support or get help.

What about those clients that just checked out of your shopping cart? Why not offer them another special offer just as they have checked out of your shopping cart. Imagine the possibilities.

With Rocketseed, your email signatures are designed professionally and across all devices that your customers may use to access your emails.

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Email Signatures

Signatures now not only look professional they actually work.

Centralised business signatures that are added to every email your employees send can increase brand awareness and help your business turn into a brand. Why? Because each email will have a clear signature that connects with the content within and resonates with the recipients.

Do you want to leverage a marketing channel that is used by 1.5 billion people? Placing social media links in your email signatures can drive traffic directly to your social media platforms.

How Rocketseed Can Enhance Sales

Rocketseed is a valuable asset to sales teams. The targeted email messages that it helps to generate pose many benefits towards enhancing sales. The capability to rotate banners based on your latest promotions and campaigns means your customers are constantly kept informed, offered the best deals and promotions and are kept across the other elements of your business that might be of benefit to them.

Benefits to Sales Teams

Lead Nurturing

Through targeted emails that contain relevant information and are delivered at the right time, your messages will be well received and leads will be nurtured further down the sales funnel. For example, your email banners can contain promotional information and call-to-action messages, which drive leads and eventually lead to an increase in sales. Your targeted messages can also increase up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.Rocketseed Email Software / Email Marketing / Marketing Agency Sydney / Sales, SEO & Social Media

Increases Click Through and Response

Emails generated by Rocketseed increase the click through and response rates for your messages. This is because they are tailored to the specific needs of your customers.  Higher responses to your emails will allow the sales team to acquire new customers by pursuing interested leads.

Rocketseed emails are also deliverable across multiple platforms, allowing your prospects to receive your messages regardless of the device that they are using. Your calls to action are therefore received anywhere, anytime.

Measurable Results for Sales

The Rocketseed email platform can deliver information on whether your emails were delivered and read. This allows you to measure how well the message was received.

Accurate reporting can also provide information to your marketing department on what clients are responding to so you can give them more of what they want.

Leverage your everyday email into the hottest marketing tool. You’re using it every day as the main communication tool between your company and clients. Why not maximise the real estate if you are using it anyway?

If you want to drive more targeted leads and opportunities to your sales team, ask us about Rocketseed Software today.