Sales Automation

Leads can be great, but not compared to paying customers. You can decide to spend money in hiring a huge sales team to continue making more cold calls or invest in sales automation for a fraction of the costs. Because revenue that is generated from sales automation is expected to continue growing rapidly and consistently, it’s high time that you tapped into this profitable market by partnering with a leading sales enablement firm.

Types of Sales Automation that you Should Implement in your Business

Have a look at some of the ways we can help your team automate sales activities and create more time for them to focus on quality opportunities.

Automated Reporting

It won’t be easy for you to automate data if you store it in Google or Excel Sheets. Although you can set up something, eventually it will become complex. However, we can help you by setting up automated emails for all your reports. We can also help you by building your first sales dashboard.

Creating Sales template & Scripts

Often sales people find themselves saying similar things in emails to many clients. Let us set up a range of scripts that the sales team can use out of the CRM to email clients without them having to re-create the wheel each time. Simply clicking on an email script, personalising it for the client and sending it out of your CRM saves your team an enormous amount of time and means they can focus on responding to more potential new clients.

Automate Lead Distribution

In most cases, when leads come in they sit somewhere in the database until the sales manager checks on them. If you are in such a situation where much time is spent rotating leads to sales reps, we can help you by setting up a lead rotator.

Automating Lead Scoring

After identifying leads, your sales team may waste time deciding on which one to call first. We will provide your team with a robotic lead scoring system that can help in predicting the possibilities of closing.

Automated Workflows & Triggers

We will begin by first exploring the workflow automation of your CRM and the sales automation features. Some of the processes that we can automate include:
• Automatic creation of a task when a lead scrolls to the pricing page
• Create a deal after the contact has filled the online form
• Create a new task to follow up when the trial period of the contact nears expiry

Sales Collateral Repository Automation

Your sales team should have access and be able to utilise content at the touch of a button. As your content library continues to grow, we will provide you with a more robust solution to track your documents and make them easy for your sales team to share with prospective clients.

Meeting-booking Automation

Setting a meeting on your sales team calendar can be very frustrating because booking meetings wastes time. However, we can provide you with a solution to help you create customised booking links for individual reps for clients to easily access.

These are just a few of the ways we can automate your sales processes.

If efficiency is your priority in maximising the returns for your Sales Teams then we have the solution for you. Ask us today how we can automate your sales process.