Sales Collateral

In today’s dynamic corporate world, your prospective customers are bombarded with tons of information about what they should buy, and what they need to avoid, etc. This means that exceptional sales collateral development is a must so you can capture the attention of prospective clients.

Sales collateral is sales and marketing materials that are developed to boost your sales processes and help your sales reps sell. They may include physical resources such as brochures, posters, and direct mail or electronic content such as case studies, e-books, email templates and competitive reports that are all on brand. Ensure your sales team has a sales collateral range to choose from and access to the right resources to enhance sales performance.

Corporate Brochures

Corporate brochures form an integral part of your marketing strategy. They come in handy during the early phase of the procurement process. They can be in digital format to be used on your website or email/social strategies and also in printed format. Corporate brochures contain pertinent information that helps buyers in the research phase from a functional and technical perspective.

Whitepapers & eBooks

Creating whitepapers, eBooks and other forms of call to action marketing pieces further aligns your client’s buyer stages with your marketing. Having the right information appear at the right time for a client can have a tremendous impact on moving that prospect to a client.

Sales Slide Decks

Different slide decks can be created to reflect each stage of your client’s buyer process. You can align these to your sales process, vertical markets, negotiation, commercial evaluation, and research. Working with our marketing team lowers the burden associated with preparing company presentations.

Case Studies

Nothing says I understand you better than a case study. Today more and more people are searching for reviews and comments from people who have already been through the same journey in an effort to not make the same mistakes, get the information they need and get the best bang for their buck. Reading a case study about a similar situation to the one you are in builds instant rapport.

Proposal Documents

Preparing proposal documents can sometimes be long and laborious. Making them look professional is another story altogether. Creating template proposals for sales teams that enable them to cut and paste the components they need can speed up the time to market considerably. Automating that process means that clients get the information they need much quicker ensuring your sales team are striking while the iron is hot.

Email Templates

Sales people often find themselves sharing similar information with clients at certain stages of the sales cycle. Having all that information already prepared in email templates means that sales teams can send information to new prospects at the click of a button, have it all recorded in the CRM and keep their clients up to date at each stage of the journey.

Competitive Reports

Finding out what your competitors are up to can be an eye opening experience and give you the cutting edge. Our competitive reports help clients get a better understanding on what does and doesn’t work in their marketplace so they can make better informed decisions with real data.

Showing your clients what distinguishes you from your competitors will help you to stand out from the crowd. Having professional sales collateral will not only attract client’s attention it will also help speed up the sales process.

Enable your Sales Team to stand out in the crowd with Impressive Sales Collateral. Attract the right client attention and speed up the sales process.