Sales Enablement – Making Sales Teams more Efficient

Have you ever heard of or wondered what sales enablement is? Sales enablement is, as the name suggests, a way to create avenues to help companies market and sell a product or service more effectively. That is the simple definition, but there is much more to sales enablement. The concept has only recently emerged in the B2B market, but it has plenty of impact on the bottom line. These techniques and strategies are constantly evolving and we are incorporating new, and more effective ways to optimise sales in the modern marketplace. Here is how we help you incorporate it into your company’s strategy.

Implement tools and strategies that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your Sales Team.


The quickest way to find out what is working and what isn’t in your sales process is through data. We look at marketing and sales statistics, target audience research, product information and competitor statistics. Using this information we can tailor your approach to achieve your goals, KPI’s and sales targets, which can help you choose the most effective tools to implement.

Technology and Strategy

Sales enablement uses the most modern tools available to make sales as quick and efficient as possible. This includes using automated sales processes, email plugins, sales methodology, marketing automation and anything that will make the sales process more effective with minimal complications.

Some examples are:

  • Direct Messaging or Chat Windows
    The direct messaging windows allow customers to connect with a representative, which helps establish a line of communication to help promote sales.
  • Automated Prospecting
    Automated prospecting allows a salesperson to send an email to prospective buyers that may trigger a workflow, look at particular pages on a website, download a call to action piece of information, etc. All of this can happen without the sales person lifting a finger, they get notified when the prospect is at the sales stage in the process.
  • Email Sequences
    Email Sequences come in many forms. One of the most effective strategies is outbound sales emails that go directly to your target audience with the view of setting up a call or meeting.   Other types of sequences allow salespeople to automatically send follow up emails to customers that have not responded to initial emails. Workflows and email sequences are also very effective for Add & Upsell situations depending on your products and services.
  • CRM
    Do you need a better way to manage your leads and prospects? We use a range of database tools that can help your sales team manage the sale process much more easily. Keeping this as simple as possible will encourage greater adoption within the team


Most companies have a range of different documents and collateral that they can share with clients. Sometimes the collateral can be too technical, not specific to target audiences and out of alignment with the general marketing approach. Helping clients create a clear set of documents and email templates that help the sales team quickly share information with clients is one of our strengths. We can help with:

  • Case Studies
  • Whitepapers/eBooks
  • Proposal Documents
  • PowerPoint presentation decks
  • Email template responses to assist with the sales process
  • Competitive Reports so you can get a better understanding of what you are up against in the marketplace

These are a few examples of the tools and strategies that are available to help companies streamline their sales approach and save time.

Sales Enablement is a more effective way to create growth.