Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies

Social media marketing is a popular strategy used to increase sales and traffic opportunities to a business. Unfortunately, most business to business (B2B) establishments have not discovered and embraced the power of social media in their daily operations. While classic methods such as cold calling and direct mail are effective, your company’s growth can be exponential if you incorporate a social media marketing plan. You can:

  • Reach out to business owners who are in your target market
  • Form new commercial relationships
  • Educate, influence and engage with your market
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Promote your content, products and services

A successful strategy for social media would include:

Using Multiple Platforms

To date, the most popular social media platform for B2B companies is LinkedIn. Most businesses have an established presence on LinkedIn which is great and highly encouraged. With the evolvement of social we are starting to see many business applications available on multiple platforms. Working with the most suitable platforms for your company that will yield you the biggest returns is our focus.

We will help you to:

  • Find prospects
  • Discover what’s trending
  • See what your competitors are doing
  • Organise events using social
  • Encourage engagement and conversation
  • Expand your client list and
  • Increase your sales

What’s more, it’s much more cost effective than traditional marketing strategies – giving you greater bang for your buck.

Ensure your potential clients think “Wow! I need to find out more about that.”

Create Interesting Content

Most B2B companies take an impersonal tone when sharing content on social media. This practice is considered to be professional, and it protects the company from becoming too controversial. Unfortunately, this choice is not ideal if you want exceptional results. Using an Agency will ensure that your company has more of a personality online; humanises the business and engages with readers.

The biggest challenge that most businesses face today is deciding what to post and how frequently to do that. Content creation can sometimes feel overwhelming, with higher volumes of content than ever, the quality must be good, accessible and relevant to engage your audience. Developing a Social Media strategy can really help with this.

Measure your Success

You can now measure your success easily, something that was hard to quantify with some of the non-digital marketing strategies of the past. Do more of what is working and less of what isn’t.

Social media marketing services have now become critical to business development and growth. Establishing that emotional connection with new and existing clients is easy through social media.

A lot of business owners don’t know where to start with Social Media, they may have set up sites but managing them becomes too hard so they give up or the advertising isn’t working!

With a little perseverance and know-how, and the right social media marketing services, you can achieve a lot.