9 Most Common Types of Digital Advertising

Digital marketing and advertising have taken over, and they will keep growing and dominating as we continue to rely on the internet for everything from shopping and working to choosing the best software for our needs. Their growth and dominance are the reason why all businesses should have a digital marketing strategy in place. However, there are so many types of digital advertising that it can become confusing to keep up. The key is understanding each type and what it entails, and then seeing if and how it would be good for your business.

Display Ads

Display advertising is the most basic and recognizable form of digital advertising. It includes playing banner ads that include text, videos, audio content and images on websites that allow ads. These types of ads show up as landing pages, banners, flash ads (outdated but present on a few websites) and pop-ups.

These ads are designed to encourage website visitors to click the ad and visit the destination URL. Display types of ads are typically distributed via ad publishing websites where a website owner signs up, is provided with a piece of code, and adds that code to the appropriate position on their website.

Display ads do not show up on search result pages, which is the key difference between them and other types of advertisements. Because they are cheap and simple to implement, you can find them on most websites around the internet. They are also a very potent monetization option for blogs including different content and news websites.

Native Advertising

Native advertising differs from display ads in that these types of ads are designed to blend in with the rest of a website’s content. They are very intentional and can entail some form of targeting to improve the chances of a visitor clicking on them. Because they are based on a visitor’s online history, they are a lot less obstructive than other types of ads. They also appear more trustworthy and have minimal impact on user experience.

They are typically sponsored, making them another great form of monetization for different website types. Native ads can be placed within the main content or placed as recommendation widgets, search ads and promoted ads.

Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads appear on search engine result pages and are dictated by the search a user performs. They are highly relevant for this reason, and typically include a headline, description, and link to a destination URL.  These types of ads can include different details, especially on Google.

Because they appear above other search results, users are more likely to click on them which makes them great for businesses selling products. These ads have a very high click-through rate and drive more conversions than display ads, but businesses have to pay to have their ads featured as paid search ads.

9 Most Common Types of Digital Advertising / Sales, SEO & Social Media

Social Media Advertising

As social media has grown, more businesses have sought to take advantage of their large user bases and monthly visitors. They do this by placing ads on different social media networks, with the social media platforms owned by Meta being the most common destinations for these ads.

Social media ads are highly targeted and can be made to look like native ads. This gives them a very high click-through rate without disrupting the user experience.

Mobile Advertising

As with social media, the number of mobile users and the amount of time they spend on their devices has been growing, making this form of advertising a great choice for businesses. Mobile advertising typically includes in-app and banner ads, but advertising SMSs have recently been included in this category.

Mobile advertising is so potent because it reaches customers where they spend a lot of time and where businesses can capture their attention and interest best.

Retargeting Advertisement

Also known as remarketing advertising, this is a type of display advertising that targets people who have interacted with a specific website, brand, or app in the past. Retargeting uses cookies to identify these people and show them relevant ads on additional websites they visit.

Retargeting works so well because it targets those who have already shown an interest in your brand/business and its products and services. For this reason, these people are highly likely to convert, which gives these types of ads the great results businesses see when they use them.

Video Advertising

Video ads have traditionally been used on video hosting websites like YouTube, but they are now increasingly being used on other websites. Video advertising entails the use of video content on a website, such as within content, and on video hosting websites as described.

These ads can target desktop and mobile users. For example, those on a mobile can see an ad in the bottom right corner of their screen or within a page as they view content. Mobile viewers, on the other hand, can be targeted with ads in the middle of other videos or within content due to the limited real estate marketers have to work with.

Audio Advertising

Audio streaming websites have massive audiences that businesses can leverage. These platforms have ads that run between songs which allow businesses to create ads that run in these spots. Users can opt out of hearing these ads by paying for a subscription, but there is still a significant number who don’t, and it is these people that businesses can target.

Audio ads are great because they are impossible to skip unless the listener pays, and they are difficult to ignore because they play in the middle of content.

Podcasts are also subject to audio advertising. And the podcast itself can be a great way to advertise depending on your market niche and audience.

Forum Advertising

Businesses can also leverage textual advertising content on platforms like Quora. To do this, a business can answer questions including details about its products and services. Because of the large audience on Quora and other similar platforms, businesses can answer questions and reach lots of people. If you decide to do this, ensure your content is helpful and relevant so it is not labelled as spam.

Understanding these different types of advertising can help you better leverage them for your business. They are all different and serve different purposes, the trick is to find a combination that works best for your goals and objectives.

9 Most Common Types of Digital Advertising / Sales, SEO & Social Media

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