Why Use Inbound Marketing?

Explaining why use inbound marketing and why it is so essential to the success of a business in today’s digital world means explaining outbound marketing too.

Outbound marketing is when a business advertises their products and services to people when they’re not even looking for them. Ads on television shows, full-page advertisements in the local paper, a letter appearing in your letterbox – that sort of thing.

Inbound marketing is still about looking for people but focuses more on those people who have a problem and are actively searching for a solution. Solutions that your business may be able to provide. People who are potential customers for you because you have the answer to their problem.

It’s about turning strangers into the sort of people you want to do business with. The whole process of having a stranger who hasn’t heard diddly squat about your business turn into a customer who makes a transaction (and preferably more than just one…..regularly!)

The tactics you use as part of your inbound marketing plan is how you get those strangers to you. It could be SEO, online content creation, social media interaction and activity – there are lots of different tactics. That’s a whole other blog post (actually, probably about another 20 blog posts!).

Consider this about inbound marketing:

  1. It’s cost effective which means small to medium-sized enterprises can compete with the big boys
  2. Gives you the ability to target a core audience by providing useful and quality content that entices potential clients to find out more about you and your business
  3. Primarily online so reach can extend beyond the bricks and mortar of your office, shop front, home office or garage.

Inexpensive? Tick.

Targeted? Tick.

Reach? Tick

Most inbound marketing tactics are focused online. In the next few blog posts I’ll go into a bit more detail around strategy and the how to’s but in the meantime, consider how many people are ‘living’ online now. Check out these stats:

Smartphone Usage

  •          65% of the Australian population own a smartphone
  •          78% of smartphone users research products and services on their phone
  •          41% of users have made a purchase via their phone

Internet Indicators

  •          Australians spend 4.5 hours a day on average using the internet on a desktop or laptop
  •          Australians spend 1 hour and 40 minutes per day using the internet on their mobile device

Social Media Usage

  •          89% of the internet using population have some sort of social media account
  •          53% of Australians are active on Facebook
  •          42% have a Twitter account

Source: http://3rdsense.com/blog/09012014-1121/australian-digital-statistics-2014

If these stats don’t get you running to create an inbound marketing strategy, I don’t know what will. These are big numbers and something that would not have even been part of a business strategy 30, 20 or even 10 years ago!

Now it’s essential. Or you will get left behind.

So now you know why using inbound marketing is important. The question is how do you get started with this strategy?  You may need hire a Marketing Agency to help.  Download this free guide on How to Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency to help you achieve your goals.

Kaylene Grieve

Kaylene Grieve is the Managing Director of Sales, SEO and Social Media, (SSSM) a marketing services agency based in Sydney Australia. With over 25+ years in Sales and 10+ years of marketing experience SSSM has helped numerous companies achieve tremendous results in sales and marketing. Knowing the right volumes and using a blend of inbound and outbound strategies always delivers sales and marketing qualified leads to a business with consistency.


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