What can you offer in an online marketing campaign?

The term “online marketing campaign” is probably one you’ve heard plenty of times. But do you know what it actually means?

An online marketing campaign is the process of offering something of value in return for some contact details. It’s designed to promote your product, service or business. It’s anything that goes above and beyond just offering a newsletter that will prompt people to hand over their email address to you. Your audience actually gets something in return for giving you their details – something they can download that’s going to be of use to them. The point of the campaign is to build your email subscriber list and gather new business leads, which you can communicate with in future and convert into clients.

What can you offer as an online marketing campaign? Here are some items that are commonly used in campaigns because they are popular and they work

eBook – this is an electronic version of a printed book that can be downloaded and read online. It doesn’t have to be long, but it’s usually full of useful content that helps your clients and shows that you’re an expert in your field. 

Whitepaper – a whitepaper is a persuasive, in-depth report on a specific topic that talks about a certain problem and provides a solution. They are advanced problem-solving guides and are designed to educate an audience about a particular issue or explain a particular methodology.

Video – video blogs, or “vlogs” are a way of presenting information in a visual way rather than written text. They are a form of web television where people can express themselves, create awareness about something or provide visual how-to guides. 

Podcast – a podcast is an audio file available on the internet for downloading. It’s typically done in a series that you can subscribe to, and the podcasts are generally an informative discussion much like a radio chat.

Checklist – checklists are a popular item when you want to help your clients with something technical. Delivered in a PDF format, they are good for concepts that require lots of to-do’s or steps, for example, going through your website and making sure it’s SEO friendly.

Online marketing campaigns are important because over 85% of service and product searches are now done online. If you don’t have an online presence you’re simply missing out on this huge potential market.

If you’d like to create an online marketing campaign and don’t know where to start, give us a call for a chat about what’s going to work for your business.

Or download our free eBook here on Planning, Creating & Managing your Online Marketing Campaign.

Kaylene Grieve

Kaylene Grieve is the Managing Director of Sales, SEO and Social Media, (SSSM) a marketing services agency based in Sydney Australia. With over 25+ years in Sales and 10+ years of marketing experience SSSM has helped numerous companies achieve tremendous results in sales and marketing. Knowing the right volumes and using a blend of inbound and outbound strategies always delivers sales and marketing qualified leads to a business with consistency.


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