What Is Online Visibility and Why Is It Important for Your Business

Do you own a business with an online presence? Is the website traffic and sales constantly failing to impress and just barely meeting the modest targets you’ve set? If so, it’s time to learn about online visibility, what it is, and why it plays such an important role in the success of your business. It could be that you’re just going about things in the wrong way. With a few tweaks, a better understanding, and more modern techniques, you can drastically improve the site’s traffic and sales – all leading back to online visibility.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at online visibility and why you should be concerned with it as a business owner.

Explaining Online Visibility

Online visibility is quite simple. It means making your business as visible as possible to potential customers and clients. In this case, it is in the online realm. Keep in mind online visibility can and should encompass the website as well as social networks. Using social networks means the company has additional platforms where it can increase online visibility.

This is also where the search engine pages come into the discussion. You want your company to appear high on the Google search page so that your site is noticed. Everyone knows that if you’re not on the first page of the search results, your odds of being found drop significantly

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Why Online Visibility is Important

So now that you know what online visibility is, why should you care as a business owner? One of the most important reasons why online visibility is important is the fact customers can find you easily. It can also increase the number of daily visitors to your site, it helps to build a strong brand image within the community, and it helps your search page rankings (the more traffic you have, the higher you’ll rank).

How Is Online Visibility Achieved?

Achieving online visibility is not always a simple process and it needs to be ongoing. Where it used to be that specific techniques and tools could help a business rank higher on the search page, Google’s algorithms have gotten smarter, and they are always changing.

Some of the ways you can improve your company’s online visibility include:

  • A paid search advertising campaign
  • Creating social media accounts
  • Make sure to post relevant content regularly
  • Engaging with customers/clients
  • Using high-quality keywords without overstuffing them on pages
  • Using better landing pages
  • Focus on building your followers
  • Make use of hashtags
  • Share content from people (re-tweet and share)

There are other techniques you can use as well, and in the end, it usually requires many of these practices to be put to use. Some will offer faster results than others.

If you want to improve website traffic and ultimately the company sales, it’s well worth looking into online visibility and finding ways it can be improved upon. Remember, it will be an ongoing effort as part of a wider SEO campaign, but it will pay off.

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Sales, SEO & Social Media - Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

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